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I click on Google Ads, a lot. Why in the world would I click on Google ads? I click them for many reasons (there’s really only two, but many sounds better). When you click a ad, the person with the ad on their site gets money. I like Digg.com and I like Kevin Rose, so I click on Google ads to help them out. Continue reading →

My Quote of the Week

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Procrastination is the art of telling yourself you won’t do something and then changing your mind at the last minute. It involves a lot of kicking yourself and reminding yourself how dumb you are. I do it everyday. Continue reading →


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Yay I got into college today!!! YAY! I'm soo happy! It is in Upland, IN about an hour north of indi. It's the number one computer science Christian college. Upland is a real small college town with the college, houses, and a restaurant. That's all. Continue reading →

Using GarageBand as a Guitar Pedal

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The other day I figured out how to use Apple’s GarageBand 3 as a guitar pedal. When I was first playing around with it, I didn’t think that I would be able to use it live on stage, but I figured out how! I saved $250 (Line6 Delay) and $70 (Electro Harmonix Phaser) on pedals but the possibilities are unlimited. Those are just the two I made in the few minutes before chapel started last Thursday. Continue reading →