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My Quote of the Week

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Procrastination is the art of telling yourself you won’t do something and then changing your mind at the last minute. It involves a lot of kicking yourself and reminding yourself how dumb you are. I do it everyday. Continue reading →


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Yay I got into college today!!! YAY! I'm soo happy! It is in Upland, IN about an hour north of indi. It's the number one computer science Christian college. Upland is a real small college town with the college, houses, and a restaurant. That's all. Continue reading →

Using GarageBand as a Guitar Pedal

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The other day I figured out how to use Apple’s GarageBand 3 as a guitar pedal. When I was first playing around with it, I didn’t think that I would be able to use it live on stage, but I figured out how! I saved $250 (Line6 Delay) and $70 (Electro Harmonix Phaser) on pedals but the possibilities are unlimited. Those are just the two I made in the few minutes before chapel started last Thursday. Continue reading →

New Get A Mac Ads

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Apple has just released three new TV ads that are soo funny. They are titled ‘Accident’, ‘Angel/Devil’, and ‘Trust Mac’. The Accident one is about the new MagSafe connector. The PC is hurt because it got yanked off a desk. The Angel/Devil ad is about the PC being jealous of an iPhoto album that the Mac has. The Trust Mac video is about no spyware on Mac OS X. The PC is trying not to be seen and the Mac makes fun of it. Go watch them. Continue reading →