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New Bravia Video

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Maybe you remember my post about the Bravia Videos. Something is up on the Bravia web site though. It looks like they are planing a new commercial only this time they are using paint. I can’t wait. It looks like it will be even more amazing than before. Continue reading →

Apple Boot Camp Public Beta1

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Apple has just released Boot Camp. It lets you dual boot easily Mac OS X and Windows XP (Pro or Home with SP2). This is just a beta version of the software. It will be included in the new OS 10.5 Leopard. All you need is an Intel Mac and a Windows XP CD. Continue reading →

iPod Scare

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I got out of my car this morning with the intent of listening to my iPod Nano (4GB), and the LCD screen just flashed the dead battery icon. I had just charged it full since it was dead last time I went to use it. I figured it was just because I had left it plugged into my iTrip Nano. So I was about to go buy a new iPod Nano (1GB this time... little short on cash right now) when I realized that my alarm on my iPod was waking it up and playing it until it died. Continue reading →