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Using GarageBand as a Guitar Pedal

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The other day I figured out how to use Apple’s GarageBand 3 as a guitar pedal. When I was first playing around with it, I didn’t think that I would be able to use it live on stage, but I figured out how! I saved $250 (Line6 Delay) and $70 (Electro Harmonix Phaser) on pedals but the possibilities are unlimited. Those are just the two I made in the few minutes before chapel started last Thursday. Continue reading →

New Get A Mac Ads

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Apple has just released three new TV ads that are soo funny. They are titled ‘Accident’, ‘Angel/Devil’, and ‘Trust Mac’. The Accident one is about the new MagSafe connector. The PC is hurt because it got yanked off a desk. The Angel/Devil ad is about the PC being jealous of an iPhoto album that the Mac has. The Trust Mac video is about no spyware on Mac OS X. The PC is trying not to be seen and the Mac makes fun of it. Go watch them. Continue reading →

iDVD 6, Awesome + Crap

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iDVD 6 (well iLife ‘06 in general) is really awesome. I love all of the new themes and features. All of the menus are cleaner. It’s just awesome. The first thing I noticed besides the cleaner interface was that it supported my LaCie DVD burner even thought I don’t have a SuperDrive (Apple DVD Burner). That is so nice. Before I’d export a disk image and burn it in Disk Utility. I smiled anyway. I also really like the added flexibility you have when changing templates and making our own, especially the map view. Continue reading →

Facebook Makes Me Smile

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The new Notes feature in Facebook is awesome. Not only can you tag stuff and do all of the stuff you can do with pictures like comment, etc. you can import RSS feeds from a blog! I just typed in samsoffes.com and it was like ‘click here to save’ or something so I did because I didn’t want to read the stuff around it… and there was my blog inside my Facebook notes page. It made me happy. They check for RSS (actually they use my ATOM feed and not my RSS one, but I like saying RSS better and ATOM is basically the same thing) feeds and then import items separately and people can comment on my posts right from Facebook! There is also a new developers area on Facebook that I can’t wait to play with. Continue reading →

Treo 600

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A while ago someone gave me an AT&T Treo 600. Treo’s run from $300 - $400 so I was really pumped to get one for free, but it was AT&T and I have Cingular. So I just left it sitting there and figured I couldn’t do anything about except play palm games on it. Continue reading →