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I sat down to work on Whiskey the other day and go super side tracked. I have this new master plan to greatly improve Whiskey's markdown parsing, but it's a lot of work so I started procrastiworking. I noticed some bugs in SyntaxKit, what I wrote so Whiskey can do code coloring for things other than Markdown, and decided to start fixing them. Because I was procrastiworking, the logical first step was to rewrite it in Swift 2 :) Continue reading →

Redacted for Mac Launch

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Yesterday, Redacted for Mac hit the App Store. It's this little app I've been working on here and there to quickly hide parts of an image. Here's a one minute video demo if you want the quick rundown. Continue reading →

Desk Headphones

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Recently, I replaced the headphones I've had for a long time with some new ones. I've used Beyerdynamic DT 770 for years (now discontinued). On a flight last year, someone leaned the chair back in front of me suddenly, the cable got caught, and the jack bent really bad. They cut in out a lot. I realize I could just replace the jack, but I thought it was a good excuse to go nuts. Continue reading →

NSRegularExpression Notes

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I spent awhile today trying to convert a regular expression from Ruby to NSRegularExpression. It was being dumb and took me awhile to figure it out. Continue reading →