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Cancel Borderless Window

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I just spent the last hour trying to figure out why cancelOperation wasn’t getting called in an NSWindowController subclass. At first I tried performKeyEquivalent in the window controller or in a custom NSWindow subclass. That didn’t work. I then resorted to keyDown in the window subclass and that wasn’t getting called. Continue reading →

Share Confirmation

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Recently, I added some visual confirmation what something was shared with the system share sheet on iOS. For things like copy or save to camera roll, there isn't visual confirmation that it worked from the system. Continue reading →

Mic Setup

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I recently made a video mentioning my new mic setup and got a few questions about it. Instead of making a video that just mentions tons of links, I thought I'd write it up. Continue reading →

Widest Roman Prime

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One of my favorite joke Twitter accounts is @wacnt. It tweets things Wolfram|Alpha can’t answer. I’ve asked Facebook M to figure out a few of them and it did.widest prime less than 4000 when written as a Roman numeral in Times New Roman Continue reading →